I just had this conversation with a friend recently. We tend to be all over the place with our targets because we want to please everyone. We think that if we provide everyone a service we will make more money. The truth is I have done things which I wasn’t equipped for and I did an great injustice to those people. More than anything, I fear doing the thing i love most which is spelling to communicate. It’s too precious for me to mess up has become my thought process around it.

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Realising that I need to get tighter about my audience, and that means being brave enough to let go (and mourn) my current audience as the work that I do now, no longer speaks to all of them.

As a speaker who once focused mainly on the mental and emotional aspects of fitness and wellness, I have grown into an Inclusion Consultant who facilitates processes that help organisations break through race-based barriers.

Employee turnover due to racial inequity in workplaces cost U.S. organisations up to $172 billion over the past five years - countries like Namibia and South Africa are slowly, but surely, starting to realise the real implications that racial inequity has in the workplace.

Companies need these workshops to create safe environments for their staff, protect their reputation, and to save money.

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